Blackthorn T Contest

Get Out-Get Pics-Win GearBlackthorn-USA T-Shirt

What do you do for fun? Share a pic of your adventures and you could win!

Snap a few pictures of yourself doing all the awesome things you do while wearing a Blackthorn-USA t-shirt. Upload your favorite pics here and tell your friends to vote for you. The photo with the most votes at contest end wins a killer prize package worth over $2000.00.    #BlackthornT



Fire#BlackthornT Fire Prizes
Blackthorn custom Ferro Rod with Antler handle, carbide scraper and Fatwood on a lanyard.
Blackthorn Deluxe Fire Kit in leather pouch containing:
• Traditional Steel Striker
• Heavy duck char cloth
• Three types of flint (Chert)
• Slow Match with brass snuffer
• 10 Brimstone Matches
• Sisal and Jute tinder
• Misc tinder bundles
• Chaga tinder fungus
• Antler Bearing block for bow drill
• Yucca Hearth and Spindle
• 6 Power burning glass with leather lanyard

Water#BlackthornT Water Prizes
Blackthorn Stainless 32oz bottle with compass lid
Sawyer Mini Filter
Condor H2O Pouch

Shelter#BlackthornT Shelter Prizes
1 man, Highlander Blackthorn tent
100′ Paracord
Grabber MPI Space All Weather Blanket / Tarp
Vargo Titanium Tent Spikes

Tools and Equipment#BlackthornT Tools Prizes
Helm Forge custom Bushcraft Knife with sheath (This knife is being made right now.) It’s done!
Kizlyar Supreme Amigo Z Neck Knife
Blackthorn Hammer Forged Camp Axe
Pack of cable snares
EmberLit Stainless Folding Wood Stove
Blackthorn-USA embroidered patch
Key ring tools including:
• Marine Safety Whistle
• Handcuff Key
• P-38 Can opener
• Hot melt glue stick
• UST Folding Survival Saw/Knife

Helm Forge Custom Bushcraft Knife

All that, AND one Lifetime Pass!Blackthorn-USA Lifetime Pass


Worth playing for?

Official Rules:
Contest ends at midnight on November 22, 2017.
Winner will receive the prize package in time for Christmas!
You must be wearing a Blackthorn shirt with visible logo in your picture.
If you already have a shirt you’re good to go. If you need to purchase a shirt click here.
Lifetime Pass is transferable one time. We recognize that someone in Portland probably won’t be coming to our classes. Winner may give away or sell their Pass if they can’t use it.
You acknowledge that by posting your picture for voting it will be accessible to anyone on the internet.
No prizes may be substituted for cash.
It is the winners responsibility to know the legalities of owning, possessing, using, etc these prizes in their area.




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