Practical Off Grid Living

Oct. 18, 2024 - Oct. 20, 2024
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Randolph, KS



This course is designed for those who have an interest in learning how to become self sufficient in an off grid environment. You will see and learn about various off grid systems we use here at our training site. Building a little cabin in the woods isn’t so hard but how to you get running water? How do you dispose of waste? What about heating and cooling? This course addresses those questions and more!

Students will get instruction, demonstrations and hands on with solar systems including panels, inverters, charge controllers and more. Wind and other renewable sources will be discussed.

Various types of renewable and alternative building construction will be discussed with examples shown. Hands on participation may be available depending on what projects we are working on at the time. Examples such as Cob, Log and Timber Frame, Post and Beam, Cordwood, Earthbag, and Straw Bale are typical.

Building methodology and techniques. Students will get hands on with a wide array of tools and equipment suitable for off grid building particularly in remote locations. Learn what it takes to make hand hewn beams for timber framing or wooden shingles for your roof. Students will have a chance to operate our sawmill to mill lumber and time in the blacksmith shop to bang out a small project to take home.

Instruction on
• Foundations without concrete
• Alternative and Renewable Construction Techniques
• Reciprocal and Living Roof Systems
• Potable Water and Sanitation
• Heating and Cooling
• Alternative Energy Sources
• Homesteading and Vintage tools
• Maintenance, Sharpening and Restoration
• Blacksmithing
• Sawmill Operation
• Using Natural Resources
• and much more!

This is a three day course. Tent and hammock camping is available and students are encouraged to bring any gear they would like to use or try out. Porta potties, fire rings and firewood are on site. Most cel carriers have good reception. There is no electric or gas.


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