Is this a military school? No, nor are we a therapy camp or religious organization. Our goal is to teach people how to actually survive…by doing it. We are not interested in theory. We are interested in the skills necessary to keep you safe, warm, dry, fill your belly and keep you alive and happy.

Where are you located? Our 430 acre site is a few miles North of Randolph KS. You will receive driving directions with your registration packet.

What is the weather like there? The weather can change rapidly in Kansas, particularly in the spring and fall. Summertime highs of 100 degrees and winter lows of 20 degrees are common, with everything in between. Rain is common in the spring. We recommend you wear layered clothing, boots and have rain gear available. It’s also a good idea to check the extended forecast before your arrival.

Where’s the nearest airport? Manhattan KS (MHK), about 30 minutes south of Blackthorn-USA’s property.

What should I bring? In most cases you need only weather appropriate clothing. You will receive a gear list with your registration packet. Often these will be items you already have around your household.

Can I bring gear not listed on your gear list? Sure! If you have items you want to try out, use or get our opinion of feel free to bring them. Keep in mind though that when not in use you will have to either carry them or leave them in your vehicle.

Do I have to be in good shape to take a course? Although our courses are not designed to test ones physical capabilities, we do a considerable amount of walking, as well as other physical activities, so students should be in reasonably good physical condition.

What are the campsites like? There are many great camping spots around the property. Depending on which course you choose, you may be building your shelter or just looking for a place to set up a tent.

Are meals included? Meals during our courses range from bring your own to MRE’s to everyone preparing meals together around the fire. It depends on the course and will be listed in the course description.

I live in a different state. Will your courses apply to my area? Although our courses are held in the beautiful rolling hills of KS, you will leave with a set of invaluable skills that you can take anywhere and adapt to any situation.

Are pets allowed? No. Due to pet allergies and the diverse nature of wildlife in the area, we ask that you leave your pets at home.

Is smoking allowed? Smoking is allowed as long as you are considerate to our non smoking guests and observe appropriate fire safety. As expected with other trash, you will need to dispose of your butts properly.

Are cameras and video allowed? We allow cameras but ask that you only take still pictures. No video is allowed.

Is there cell phone coverage there? Yes, there is good cell signal on most of the property.

Do you offer any discounts? Yes. They are explained on our registration page.

I haven’t heard of your company before. Are you new? In 2011 Blackthorn-USA, LLC began offering training to the public, however our lead instructor has been teaching outdoor skills for over 20 years.

How do I learn more?
Contact us by
email , phone at ba52ddbf7173c9968fe35454ba3400f4  or follow us on Facebook.  

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