Animal Tracking

Axe Manual

Backpacking 101

Basic Knot Tying

Boiling with Hot Stones

Bow Drill

BSA Handbook 2012

Bush Fungus Stove

Bushcraft Notes

Camp Life in the Woods

Coal Extenders

Complete Outdoorsmans Handbook

Dangerous Animals

Desert Awareness

Field Manual-Chapt 11 Snow Shelters

Fire By Can

Fishing Knots You Need to Know

Flint Steel and Battery

Furriers Friend – Tanning Hides

Homemade Traps and Snares

How to Make a Firebed

How to Make Bottle Traps

How to Make Fire Sticks

How to Make Fishing Lures

How to Make Lever Traps

How to Make Primitive Arrows

How to Make Toggle Traps

How to Make Waterproof Matches

Hunting With a Bow and Arrow

Knots and Lashings

Knots and Splices

Knots for Mountaineering

Making Charcoal

Native American Games

Natural Pigments

Nature Observing and Tracking

Paracord Bracelet with a Side Release Buckle

Plant Identification

Poisonous Plants

Preferred Friction Fire Woods

Primitive Shelters

Ropes, Knots, Ladders, Lashings & Anchorages

Shelters, Shacks and Shanties


Signaling and Direction Finding

Snow Shelters

Survival Knife Designs

Survival Shelters

Tanning Deer Hides and Small Furs

Tanning Goat Hides

Tanning Rabbit Hides

Tanning, Skinning and Working Hides

Tarp Shelters

Tempering Flint

The Dakota Fire Hole

The Swedish Torch

The Usefulness of Polypores in Primitive Fire Making

Tinder Fungus

Useful Wild Plants of the United States and Canada

Wilderness Survival Handbook-Pewtherer

Winter Survival in the Back Country

Woodcraft and Camping -Nessmuk

Woodsmanship -Mason


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