Primitive Tools & Weapons

Sep. 6, 2024 - Sep. 8, 2024
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Randolph, KS



Discover the tools of the trade for primitive man during this three day course. Students will make and use a variety of primitive tools and weapons made from stone, bone, wood, leather and more.  Tools were an important part of primitive culture. Just like modern day, tools allowed primitive man to create shelters, harvest and prepare food, and generally improve their lives. Weapons made possible hunting and defense against predators or even other humans.

Come spend a few days with us learning to use and make primitive tools and weapons.

Topics include
• Quick Hafting
• Fire Hafting
• Stone Blades
• Cordage Making
• Cherokee Blowguns
• War Clubs
• Slings
• Bolas
• Pump Drill
• Fish Spears
• Bone Knives
• and more!

This is a three day course. Tent and hammock camping is available and students are encouraged to bring any gear they would like to use or try out. Porta potties, fire rings and firewood are on site. Most cel carriers have good reception. There is no electric or gas.


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