Wilderness Skills Camp

Oct. 2, 2020 - Oct. 4, 2020
9:00 am - 4:00 pm



Come join us for three days of wilderness skills learning and adventure!

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When is it?

Campers can begin arriving at 9am on Friday. The final course will last until around noon on Sunday. Can’t stay for the whole weekend? No problem, go and come as you please.

Where is it?

This years Wilderness Skills Camp will be at Blackthorn Basecamp, in Northern Riley county, Kansas.

What skills will I learn?

This intensive hands on course will cover …

  • How NOT to get lost!

Instruction by:

Dave Carlson

Rocky Hollow

Guest instruction by Travis Henry from Survive Without

What should I bring?

On site tent camping is encouraged and available. Porta potties are on site but there is no running water, electricity, gas etc. Most cel phone carriers have good coverage as well. There are numerous fire rings for campfire cooking. Parking is nearby. Food and drink is your responsibility.

Bring as much or as little gear and equipment as you would like. Friday will be mostly spent around base camp. Saturday will consist of learning along the trail and periodic hiking throughout the day. You will likely want to bring a ruck or bag to carry some gear, lunch, water etc. Sunday will involve a little hiking during the Land Nav portion.

You will have opportunity to try your hand at improvised fishing techniques. If you want to fish it is recommended that you have a fishing license. Bug spray is also recommended . Otherwise bring what keeps you happy and comfortable for three days camping.

List of items to bring for training exercises:

  • Knife
  • Folding saw or small axe
  • Cordage…550 cord or bank line, preferably 50-100 feet
  • Single wall metal water container “Blackthorn Bottle, Kleen Kanteen etc.”
  • 5’x7′ survival tarp/at least one side reflective finish
  • Lighter AND ferro rod
  • Compass with adjustable bezel ring and flip up sight cover


Many of our sponsors are back every year. We’re currently recieving sponsorships for 2020 and will be putting out the list very soon! 9/7

Below are our sponsors from 2019.  Check them out and check back here for our 2020 sponsors as we get closer to the event!

We’d like to thank our sponsors for helping us keep cost low and donating some great prizes! Please check them out at the links below!


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