People Powered Tools

Nov. 4, 2017
9:00 am - 4:00 pm


How would you build the things you need without electricity?

 Whether an asteroid wipes out the power grid or you just want to build a little cabin back down the trail you may find yourself without power tools. In modern times there are few people who can identify tools such as a chest drill, broad axe, adz, froe, etc. and even fewer can use and maintain them. Tools such as these were commonly used by the homesteader of the past.

 During this course students will receive hands on training with a wide variety of vintage hand tools and equipment. Emphasis will be on working with wood and stone as these resources are available in most locations. Also included in this course is demo and instruction on man portable gas equipment including chainsaws and the Alaskan MKII sawmill.


Outdoor Adventure School