Food, Water & Weeds

Jun. 10, 2022 - Jun. 12, 2022
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Randolph, KS




Humans can only survive about three weeks without food and about three days without water. This intensive hands on course is designed to ensure that you have multiple methods of obtaining food and water. Students will spend three days roaming the hills, forests, river bottoms and plains learning how to make use of a variety of resources to keep their bellies full.

Topics covered
• Animal sign and tracking
• Primitive animal traps
• Making cordage from natural fibers
• Water procurement and filtration
• Transpiration bags and solar stills
• Improvised and natural containers
• UV, boiling and other purification methods
• Improvised and primitive fishing techniques
• Fish traps, spears and bow and arrow
• Identifying, harvesting and sampling wild edible plants
• Processing and preparation of wild edible plants

This is a three day course. Tent and hammock camping is available and students are encouraged to bring any gear they would like to use or try out. Porta potties, fire rings and firewood are on site. Most cel carriers have good reception. There is no electric, gas or water.

**Note: If you want to use your fishing items please have a Kansas fishing license. Available [here.]



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