Build a grass hut

Aug. 22, 2020
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Randolph, KS


Primitive Grass Hut


Grass huts have been used by most cultures on the planet at one time or another. Some still use them today as primary dwellings. Still others use thatched grass as roofing on modern structures. The insulating qualities, durability and ease of construction make grass an attractive building material.

During this workshop participants will be helping to construct one or more of several grass huts on the school property. All phases of construction and various styles will be addressed. Participants will likely get hands on experience with the entire building process as grass huts aren’t generally multi day projects.

Come spend a day or two with us and learn what it takes to build your own grass hut. A tiki hut on the deck, play house for the kids, roof on the gazebo or a true survival situation being able to make use of thatched grass is a useful skill to have.

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