Compass Lid
Shown on our Blackthorn Bottle. Bottle available separately.

Bottle Compass Lid


Works on all Nalgene style bottles including ours!


Product Description

 So you already have a Nalgene bottle you really like but you wish it had a compass lid? Here’s the answer! You can ditch the regular lid (or keep it as a spare) and replace it with a stylish, super cool and maybe even useful compass lid.


  • A 20mm liquid filled compass
  • Standard threads will fit Nalgene and similar wide mouth bottles
  • Waterproof seal and retaining strap

 Note: These compass’s work and while we haven’t broken one yet, we do recommend having a quality compass with you and not relying on these alone. These are offered as a novelty item only.

Additional Information

Weight .25 lbs


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