Cam-Lock Survival Snare
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Cam-Lock Survival Snare


Snare you up some dinner!


Product Description

Cam Lock Cable Snare 5 Pack

1/7 x 1/6 Stainless Steel Cable
48″ Long
Heavy Duty minimum relax Cam Lock
Aggressive and Very Smooth

Good for coon, beaver, coyote, etc.

These lightweight snares save you valuable time in a survival situation. Simply anchor them to a tree along an animal run and let them hunt for you. Much tougher than “picture wire” or “trip wire”, these snares are designed to be easy to set and tough to break.

These snares are not legal to use for recreational trapping. If that is your intended purpose please check local regulations as you will need to add tags and possibly deer stops.


Additional Information

Weight .25 lbs


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