BT Tomahawk
BT Tomahawk 2

Hammer Forged Tomahawk Camp Axe


A serious tool for serious work.


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Product Description

A 2 lb forged head with a 3 ½” cutting edge attached to a 19” Hickory handle gives you the wood processing capability you need in the field. The hammer pol allows you to pound tent stakes and other camp tasks requiring a “hammer”. The oval, friction fit handle, can easily be replaced in the field if broken.

While these hawks are well balanced and can be thrown they are not your average throwing hawk. We harden, temper and normalize these tomahawks here in our shop. All corners are dressed and radiused. The handle hole is smoothed to prevent gouging, moisture retention and rust. These hawks come to you sharp and ready to work.

5130 High Carbon Steel

Forge Welded Cutting Edge

Blade Apprx. 7” x 3 ½”

Hammer Pol

Apprx. 2 Lb including handle

Radiused Edges

Oiled 19” Fire Hardened Hickory Handle

Additional Information

Weight 4 lbs


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