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Log Cabin for $3000


Build a cozy cabin for a few dollars and some time!

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“How-to” Build This Log Cabin for $3,000
by John McPherson

No longer in print. If John ever does another run of books we will get more and offer them here.

Want to build a low-cost log cabin? There is no need to pour a ton of money into something as simple as a cabin. John McPherson shows how to do it with logs from your own property, a simple foundation, plus low-cost or recycled lumber, windows, and doors. “How-to” Build This Log Cabin for $3,000 does not include a lot of detailed text, but it doesn’t have to either. The McPherson’s are really good and photographing EVERY step of the process, so you can look at the pictures and follow along. There are more than 300 photographs and several line drawings to take you through the entire process. 1999. 140 pages.

* A note from Dave:
    Another book from John and Geri McPherson. While this one doesn’t cover any primitive skills, it does show in detail how they built a large cabin from local cedar trees.  Their hard work paid off with a nice cabin overlooking a lake for less than most people pay for a foundation. With a few common tools you can build a comfortable hunting cabin, weekend getaway or whatever you can imagine.

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