Titanium Striker

Titanium Striker


Titanium Striker for Flint. If you can wear it out we’ll replace it for free.

Product Description

Titanium Striker for Flint

These flint strikers are made from aircraft titanium. They are very lightweight and extremely strong. They will not break if dropped on a rock, or even thrown against concrete.

Used as you would typically use a standard steel, you don’t get as many sparks, however the sparks you get are white hot allowing you to ignite things a standard steel could not.

Hand forged by our blacksmith and tempered in a light oil. This is a custom made item. Expect up to a week after ordering for shipment.

Quarter is for size reference only and not included.

Titanium Striker

Rocky demonstrates the difference between Steel and Titanium



Additional Information

Weight .10 lbs


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