Trustfire S-A2
TrustFire S-A2 1Drown test. On after 24 hours submerged.Smash test 1Smash test 2. Under full size truck tire.Smash test 2. Under full size truck tire.

Trustfire S-A2 Flashlight


It’s like sunshine in a tube!

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Product Description

 These small flashlights throw out an amazing amount of light. They’re durable, waterproof , use Cree XPC-WC-Q5 emitters and common AA batteries. I’ve carried one everyday for over three years now, have not been nice to it, and haven’t had a bit of trouble with it.

    We buy American when we can, but these we order from Hong Kong. It’s the best light for the money in our opinion. If you want to spend more money check out Fenix PD32’s or something similar. If you have to have an American made light of the same quality, expect to pay alot more.

Description and Specs:

Brand:     TrustFire
Model:     S-A2
Emitter Brand/Type:     Cree
Emitter BIN:     XPC-WC Q5
Color BIN:     White
Total Emitters:     1
Battery Configurations:     1 x AA  or  1 x 14500 rechargeable battery
Voltage Input:     0.8~4.2V, 4.2V Max.
Switch Type:     Clicky/Clickie
Switch Location:     Tail-cap
Modes:     3
Mode Arrangement:     Hi > Lo > Fast Strobe
Circuitry:     Digital Regulated 1300mA Current Output
Brightness:     230 lumens maximum brightness (manufacturer rated)
Runtime:     50 minutes on Hi (manufacturer rated)
Construction:    aircraft-grade aluminum with premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish with
waterproof O-Ring seals.
Lens:     Coated Glass Lens
Reflector:     Aluminum Smooth/SMO Reflector
Carrying Strap:     Strap Included
Dimensions: 3.78 in x 0.83 in x 0.83 in (9.6 cm x 2.1 cm x 2.1 cm)
Weight: 1.73 oz (49 g)

Additional Information

Weight .25 lbs


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