2019 Schedule of Events is posted!

Our 2019 Schedule of Events is posted! You’ll notice that our course lineup is missing a few of our regular courses and classes. Don’t worry! Big things are on the horizon and all your favorites and more will be back in 2020.

Blackthorn-USA has been providing the best skills training and most immersive outdoor experience in the Midwest since 2011. 2019 will be our 4th year at our main Base Camp location and we are beginning Phase II of site improvements and infrastructure. So while we will miss being in the woods 80% of the time, we have to free up some time to build cool new stuff.

More training facilities, parking areas, demo structures, improved and expanded camping areas and a lot more are on the list. Many thousands of dollars going into this. Much more than the school made this year.   And we’re doing it with our money, no GoFundMe’s,  no grants, no subsidies, no begging.

Anyone can build a wikiup down by the river and teach you how to make fire with flint and steel. We know that when looking for a school to attend people want to know that it’s not going to be gone tomorrow.  Blackthorn-USA has history and is investing heavily in the future. We are dedicated to providing the best training facilities and quality skills training to our students, customers and friends.  This is our life, and we appreciate you being part of it!


PS, We will probably be adding a few workshops during the year and will be attending a couple of off-site events as well. See ya there!

2019 Training Schedule

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