Blackthorn-USA Lifetime Pass

Lifetime Pass


Any *course, as many times as you like, forever.


Product Description

We are happy to now offer Lifetime Passes for our students who have the desire to take many of our courses.

A Lifetime Pass allows you to take any one or two day course that we currently offer, and those that we will offer in the future.
You may also take the same course as many times as you like. That is hundreds of hours of training and over $3500.00 in
value even if you only take each course once. And that’s just with our current course lineup, we’re always adding more!

Some Restrictions Apply

1. Courses given by Guest Instructors may require additional fee’s for materials, time etc. The Blackthorn-USA portion of the fee will be waived for Lifetime Pass holders.
2. Tools and gear provided to students during a course will only be provided during the student’s first course. These items can be used in subsequent trips through
the same course. Ie: We give students a Mora knife in the Bow Drill course. You can attend the course as many times as you like, but would only receive one knife on
your first time through the course.
3. Courses must have other registered students attending. You will never be “bumped out” if the course is full.
4. Lifetime passes are only transferable until they are used. They may be purchased and given as gifts but the first person to use them to register for a course will own them.
5. No refunds on the Lifetime Passes. Our cancellation, discounts and transfer policies do not apply to Lifetime Passes. We would appreciate notice if you have to cancel
a course that you’re registered for though.
6. Only applies to one and two day courses.

Start enjoying courses now and take up to six months to pay!


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