JIC Kit (Just In Case)


This is the Kit you need, just in case!

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(Just In Case)

These kits are designed to be thrown in your pack, glove box, maybe dropped into a cargo pocket and used just in case you find yourself in a bind.

Packed into a sealed plastic container the JIC Kit stays protected and ready to use until you pop the seal. The container can then be re-sealed using the plastic cap. Filled with a variety of useful tools and items this is the kit you need Just In Case!

1 Sealed plastic container. (Re-sealable with plastic lid and can be used for holding water, bait, etc.)
1 Ferro Rod (Over 1500 strikes producing 5500° sparks. Works when wet, cold, high elevation etc)
1 Folding Knife/Saw (Razor sharp, cut’s metal, wood, good for cutting snare triggers etc.)
1 Flashlight (Long lasting LED)
1 20mm Compass (Liquid filled)
1 Safety Whistle (One piece construction, Coast Guard approved)
1 P-38 Can Opener (The legend continues, US made, opens cans, flat screwdriver, ferro striker, etc)
4 Fish Hooks  (2 #2 and 2 #4 Eagle Claw hooks)
4 Lead Split Shot Sinkers
12’ 20# Fishing Line
2 Fishing Bobbers
6′ Paracord (Mil Spec. 7 inner strands)
4 Safety Pins (Attaching compass to clothes, repairs, splinter removal)
3 Tough Strip Band-Aid (Good Band-Aids that stick, fiber reinforced strips)
1-2 pack Tylenol (Because survival can be a headache)
1-2 Pack Advil (For pain and muscle aches)
2-2 pack Medi-Lyte (Electrolyte tablets, replenishes minerals lost from heat and perspiration)
1 pack Bens Wipes (Insect and Tick Repellent)
10 Water Treatment Tabs (Oasis brand, Treats 10 quarts of water, no iodine taste)
4 Tinder Quick (Tinder for fire starting)
14” Duct Tape (Real duct tape that sticks, cloth backed and tough. No shiny, cheap crap here)

Products and brands may be substituted for equal or better quality due to product availability. Satisfaction still guaranteed.

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