Spark Wheel 1
Spark Wheel 2Spark Wheel 3An example of a Micro Spark Wheel modified to be used with our Slow Match.

Micro Spark Wheel


Great for EDC!


Product Description

 The Micro Spark Wheel is a super light and compact firestarter that generates sparks even in cold, wet, and windy conditions. An essential item for your backpack, survival kit or EDC!

• Easy one-handed operation
• Made of durable, high-quality brass
• 3 replacement flints included in a compact waterproof tube
• Works great with Quik Fire tinder, as well as other fine tinder sources
• Designed to spark hundreds of times
• Size HxWxD: 1.5“ x .13 “ x .25” (38 x 3 x 6mm)
• Weight: .02 oz. (5.9g)

Additional Information

Weight .25 lbs


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