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Nalgene Style Bottle


Nalgene style with a compass in the lid!

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Product Description

 A water bottle sees lots of use and has got to be tough. We looked for some time before we found one that we think will stand up to hard use. Our very own Blackthorn-USA bottle!

But wait! There’s more. Check out the compass built right into the lid! Ok, the compass is more of a novelty and I wouldn’t take it as my only compass on a hike through the Alps. They do however work and are liquid filled. Here are the specs on the bottle:

  • Colored Wide Mouth Lexan Water Bottle 32oz
  • Constructed of tough, transparent polycarbonate , these leak proof bottles are incredibly impact resistant, even in extreme cold and heat.
  • Standard threads accept any Nalgene style accessory such as water filters and lights.
  • Blackthorn-USA logo on front and standard oz/mL capacity scale on reverse.
  • Dishwasher safe

Additional Information

Weight 3 lbs


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