Bottle Survival Kit
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Bottle Survival Kit

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Survival in a bottle! That’s easy!


Product Description

Large Wilderness Survival Kit in Nalgene Bottle

    Get peace of mind and safety in a survival kit contained in a conveniently sized and useful water bottle. Our bottle survival kit addresses the three most important aspects of survival, water, shelter and fire in numerous ways. This kit also offers first aid, navigation and rescue, food and commonly needed tools to increase your odds of survival.

    Our large Bottle Survival kit like our smaller Pocket Survival kits, contains only quality items that we personally have used, recommend and would bet our own lives on. There is also no lame, useless filler items just to bulk up the item count. The components of this kit are our personal choices and we won’t hesitate to recommend them to you.

        There are plenty of kits available for less money out there. We encourage you to shop around and compare the contents and item quality of ours to others on the market. Having done that if you feel that you want to bet your life on a $30 kit, you should absolutely do that.


1 – High impact Nalgene style bottle with graduated oz/ml scale and 20mm compass in lid.
1 – Quart emergency 4 mil water bag with gusseted bottom and tie closure
1 – Frontier Filter straw, removes 99.9% Giardia and Cryptosporidium, 30 gallon capacity
10 – Oasis Water Treatment tablets, Expire 2018

1 – Heatsheet, two person shelter/blanket with survival instructions printed on, 60×96 inches
25 – Feet of 7 strand mil spec parachute cord

1 – Ferrocerium Rod Firesteel, good for thousands of 5500° F. strikes.
1 – Book of matches, Mil issue, moisture resistant
5 – Tinder Quick fire starters
1 – Trick re-lighting birthday candle
1 – Piece of Fatwood natural waterproof tinder
1 – 4 power Fresnel Lens

2 – Daytrex Emergency food bar
4 – Hard Candy

Rescue / Navigation
1 – Silva Polaris base plate compass, 1:24,000 USGS, 2° Graduation
1 – Signal Mirror
1 – ITW Nexus Marine Safety Whistle, 106 dB(A)
1 – Pencil
1 – Paper

First Aid
2 – Tough Strip Band-Aids
1 – Antiseptic Hand Wipe Towelette
1 – Antibiotic Ointment
1 – 2 pack Tylenol
1 – 2 pack Advil
2 – Tick and Insect Repellant Wipes
2 – 2 pack Medi-Lyte electrolyte Replacement Tablets

3 – #3 Eagle Claw Hooks
3 – #4 Eagle Claw Hooks
3 – Slip Bobbers
3 – #3 Split Shot Sinkers
3 – #7 Split Shot Sinkers
2 – Assorted Jigs
24’ – 20# Monofilament Fishing Line

1 – Stainless Steel Knife with Paracord wrapped handle and sheath
1 – Folding Razor Knife
1 – Folding Mini Saw
1 – P38 Mil issue can opener, Shelby, USA Made
3’ – High Quality Duck Tape
1 – Maglite aluminum body, AAA Flashlight with battery
1 – Aluminum Carabineer
2 – 16d Steel Nails
1 – Pre-threaded, magnetized sewing needle
6 – Assorted Safety Pins
2  – Rubber Bands
2 – Reusable Zip Ties
2 – Pages Survival Instructions

    Arguably a knife is the most important tool you can have in the outdoors. Some people may recognize the knife in our kit as a $10 dollar piece of Chinese crap found in places like Amazon, and they would be correct. That is indeed what our knife starts out as, however we have made some improvements.

    Our kit knives begin their lives as knife shaped objects from China that come dull as a stump with a blocky rectangular handle wrapped in cheap nylon string housed in a sheath that will allow the knife shaped object to fall right out. However, they are full tang, stainless steel and provide a good starting point for modification.

    For our kits we wanted a knife that was durable, dependable, not extremely expensive and would fit into a Nalgene bottle. While a Mora would be great, it is just too long to fit in the bottle. A quality cheap knife is hard to find and no-one wants to keep an expensive knife in a kit they hope to never use. So with limited choices we have modified these knives into something we personally would be comfortable with should we ever have to use it. Here’s what we do:

    Starting with a full tang, stainless steel knife shaped object from China we skeletonize the handle into a comfortable, lightweight, ergonomic handle with a waterjet cutter. We beadblast all the black paint off of the knife leaving it with a smooth surface. The handle is then wrapped with 7 strand mil spec Paracord. The cutting edge is then re-profiled and sharpened to a fine cutting edge giving us an effective cutting tool. We also remove the crummy Velcro from the sheath, resize the thumb break and add a metal snap for better knife retention.

    Once our modifications are complete we have a solid, full tang stainless knife with a comfortable handle and useful edge that will fit into the kit. And you don’t feel bad about locking away an expensive knife you may never get to use.

Note: Individual component packaging, warrantee information, instructions etc included in separate packaging. Products and brands may be substituted for equal or better quality due to product availability. Satisfaction still guaranteed.

Additional Information

Weight 4 lbs

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  1. 5 out of 5


    I can believe how much stuff is in here. Pack it carefully or it won’t fit. Good quality items.Just what need for my trip to Washington. Thanks

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