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Urban Pocket Survival Kit


The extra edge you need in an urban setting!

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Product Description

While a Bug Out Bags, EDC kits, Get Home Bags etc are very personalized and we don’t recommend buying them premade. Personal Survival Kits or PSK’s are a bit different. There are only so many choices and sizes of items that can fit in a standard sized tin. For that reason we have developed a Wilderness and Urban PSK containing the items we would want in a kit.  Perhaps they will fill your needs as well.

A few things set our PSK’s apart from many others. First off all the items in our kits are quality. Our kits may cost a bit more than some but do you really want to trust your life to a cheap kit made from cheap materials? Secondly unlike the sardine style tins our tins can be opened to add, subtract and use. Once a sardine can is open, you can’t close it back up. Third, every item contained in these kits are items we use on a regular basis here at Blackthorn-USA. We know they work from experience.

We encourage you to shop around and if you find a better survival tin for the same or less money you should absolutely buy it. Your life may depend on your choices.

When shopping for a PSK look for items you might actually use. For instance, do you really need a card with Morse code on it? Likewise a bunch of survival instructions? Learning how your kit works when your life depends on it is a fail. Some kits are “bulked up” with useless first  aid supplies. Do you need 30 different kinds of Band-Aids that will likely fall off as soon as you begin to sweat? Why have 6 storm proof matches when a ferro rod will provide 1000’s of lights, is water proof and takes less room? Do words like “Combat” and “Tactical” or names like Bear really make the kit better?

It’s your kit, whether you get one from us or elsewhere, do get one that you can depend on. We think that is most important.

1 Folding Saw (Cut’s metal, wood, plastic handcuffs etc.)
1 Folding Knife (Razor sharp)
1 Fresnel Lens (Magnification and Fire Starting)
1 Flashlight (Long lasting LED)
1 Pencil
1 Handcuff Key (Universal, fits most handcuffs)
1 Safety Whistle (One piece construction, Coast Guard approved)
1 P-38 Can Opener (The legend continues, US made, opens cans, flat screwdriver etc)
1 Mini Bic Lighter (Lots of fires)
1 Trick Candle (Light and fire starting aid)
1 16GB USB Drive (Tons of room for medical records, banking and insurance documents etc)
2 Tough Strip Band-Aid (Good Band-Aids that stick, fiber reinforced strips)
1 Needle & Thread (Needle is pre-threaded and ready to use with heavy duty thread)
2 Safety Pins (Attaching compass to clothes, repairs, splinter removal)
1-2 pack Tylenol (Because survival can be a headache)
10 Water Treatment Tabs (Oasis brand, Treats 10 quarts of water, no iodine taste)
4 Tinder Quick (Tinder for fire starting)
14” Duct Tape (Real duct tape that sticks, cloth backed and tough. No shiny, cheap crap here)
14” Electric Tape (Quality 3M tape seals the tin from moisture and is reusable)
2 Ranger Band (Helps hold tin shut and can be used as rubber bands, holding gear etc)

*The only thing we would add to this kit is a copy of your house key and information on the USB drive.

Products and brands may be substituted for equal or better quality due to product availability. Satisfaction still guaranteed.


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Weight .25 lbs


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